Thou Art of Life

Thou Art of Life.
You rise, you fall, you rise again
Thou art of life is stubborn.
You weep, you smile, you laugh again
Thou art of life is perpetual.
You make mistakes, learn or regret
Thou art of life is forgiving
You believe, trust or doubt
Thou art of life is lucid
You fly, crawl, stand or faint
Thou art of life is candour
Just pursue, feel and live this art unjudged,
With each moment up to eternity…


A Real Spark

A Dot of Fire…

Thrives in Absolute Silence…

Restless in Complete Darkness…

A Spark of Persistence…


(Probably, my first english poem which I wrote almost 6 years back, got it from my old blog)



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As thought
In the middle of the night
I felt as if hundred lamps kindled with the divine light
Embracing each flame, here by I write this verse
Life is damn beautiful if you have its worth
Don’t forget to sleep with the absolute euphoria of your soul
Life is still beautiful, weather it comes in fragments or whole
Sometimes you all just need is to believe
Better or best what version of you, you want to perceive.


Darkness behold the treasure.
How wanderers of dream would know?
Look its like gamble
Probability is yes, Probability is no
What you have to do is to close the eyes
If you sleep you would embrace the morning
If you don’t you would embrace the light
Wanderer is stubborn, not going to believe
Would try to see every possibility
Now it seems as if riddle, all you can see is black
Never mind close your eyes, you just saw the truth

(Enlightened 😇
Or, still are you looking for treasure?)


I wish I wish
Life, could be exception
That night could be the night
That day could be the day
That moment could saviour the dew
That morning could cherish the sunshine
That butterfly could fly across the daisies
That cuckoo could wake up, those strangers

Those strangers of shadow, who have lost their path
Those strangers who are left with longings
And who don’t have home

I wish, I wish
Deep below the shadow they find that light
The light, which is conceived in night
And born by the day
That light which illuminates the soul
That light which isn’t disguised
That light which strikes away the bewilderment
Light which is Pure!