Thy Soul Jingle

Dear Friends, Readers (rather reader friends),

Warm Hello! (I don’t know what to greet at 3.AM in night),

However, so here comes the first post of my most awaited blog “Thy Soul Jingle’s”. Isn’t title sounds mind blowing, (No!!! Even few of my friend suggested not to keep this title and they will gonna kill me if I declare the name.) I thought of launching it in some auspicious day (how dramatic sometimes we become) but every day is auspicious!

Well “thy soul jingle” is just the conversation with my own soul, and its resonance. I mean to say that when I talk to my soul what does it reverts. In this piece I’m not sharing any story of mine. Neither I  have a great Idea to share. It’s just a trial and I wanted to appreciate that, it’s just an effort, a step, a self-motivation, I’m getting short of vocabulary but it’s an honest effort… A warm up exercise to awake writer in me. (Wow awaking a writer in 3AM in morning, what a superb idea). And just an Introduction to my new blog!

Thanks for patience Reading!

Cheers! And Good Morning (See I got an absolute greeting for 3AM).


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