Thought Delhi

Dear Readers,

Good Morning Again!

I regret I’m not an early bird, these writing bug eats up my brain mostly at night and I don’t know why always 3 o’clock. However, before this awakening hour (of course now it’s my self-acclaimed awaking and awakening hour) my mind has taken a tour and was tangled within the questions of life! However a call from a friend has given me good food for thought! Well I’m not gonna bore your or doesn’t wanna sound like spiritual gurus (because already those guys are doing great job). I’m Zeroed on ‘Thought Delhi’ (here we go I have found title of this blog).

CP National Flag

Well ‘thought Delhi’ doesn’t need any introduction as all of us are well acquainted with this wonderful place. To be very honest I never liked this place before and I never came here (see how typically we form our perceptions with places without actually visiting that, so bad) but I was destined here (did I sound like PAULO COHELO, oh he his great writer). The heart of Delhi ‘Connaught Place’ amused me a lot, followed by Janpath Lane, amazing shopping destination. Earlier, I never understood the difference between inner and outer circles of CP, but later on I become CP expert, because honestly every other weekend this is the only place I visit. Well, Janpath is CP’s neighbor, a splendid shopping destination and a bargaining hub. You will definitely learn the techniques of bargaining the clothes price in Janpath, second or third time of your visit (because I know in first time what will happen:-P). And After Janpath here comes the ‘Tolstoy Lane’, Oh just walk in this lane confidently and feel the breeze, and just enjoy looking at old bungalows. Keep walking straight on the lane as it is long enough, and by any chance if you want to see old monument then ask anybody and go to Jantar Mantar  Or Ugrasen ki Baoli.

Well Ugrasen ki Baoli

Well, I prefer Ugrasen ki Baoli (because I haven’t visted Janter Mantar yet) and I’m feeling proud to mention about this place here (And it was mentioned in Movie PK also) It’s good place to sit for some time ponder within your own space, seeing flight of pigeons and the bottom view of the steep well of this Baoli.

However, Delhi is a magnificent place; I’m actually in love with this city. I must say that there are different Delhis within a Delhi. Because it’s every part is vivid.

Now here comes the climax, Well “Thought Delhi” is my love and tribute to this city as I’m completing my four year stay here! I came to this city in April, 2011 and embraced with its every aspect, I’m especially thankful to “My People” which includes family, friends, colleagues, neighbors etc. For being with me here! Many more years to come!!!

(Delhi has various beautiful parts to look at it’s just a view and observation for my most visited destination.)




4 thoughts on “Thought Delhi

  1. lovely. anything about delhi makes me fall for that, , similarly with this beautiful article. throughout the post I was smiling, for Delhi itself is my love at first sight, even love at first hearance when long ago I heard about Delhi from my mom. so thank u. keep sharing ur thoughts. love ya. 🙂


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    1. Thanks Khushi! Your appreciation means me a lot 🙂 Yes as the famous line (lyrics) from Song hotel California goes ” You can check out any time but you can never leave” same applies to this place. And indeed I have learned a lot about Delhi from you also 😀 Take Care! Love ya too..


  2. Loved your description about the city I called home for 18 years 🙂 Congratulations for your fourth anniversary with Delhi 😀 And yes, inner and outer circles of CP and the blocks never fail to confuse me, still !

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