Perfect Circle :-)

Geometry class in our elementary school, when we took a compass (rounder) a shot length pencil we used to fix it together, then swirl it on the notebook and Bravo!!! Here we got a Perfect Circle…Hold on! This story doesn’t ends here, as that the circle which I’m talking about hold a great importance on everybody‘s life (depends, but still in our country)

I liked these circles, as it is required to survive and we need to have it, but making it was a tedious task for me, as the place where these were made was my less visited resort. Many tried, to help me out with it, and tried to make me learn these but I hardly cared!

When I moved ahead in my life and left my home, we hired someone else to make it for us, life was as smooth as its dough and I never looked upon again to learn it.

But destiny you know…suddenly on the evening of 31st December 2014 (oh how can I forget that day) my trusted ‘circle maker’ (working for 3 years) was not in mood to serve me further (Ah! I hate such good byes).

But that ‘good bye’ left a mark, and I decided, finally to learn how to make that, (What a New Year Resolution) initially I struggled a lot with shape, as it turned out triangles, square, random maps of countries (which don’t even exist). Finally I got the trick (Patience and family support) I tried it cleverly, all kind of shortcuts and here we go “I learned to make a perfect FULKA” (Chapati or Roti). Actually an accomplishment as all my culinary skills where questioned because of it. Well, we can learn other things soon but making FULKA is something which comes with practice. But ever since I have learned this… I’m more empowered now. I’m not dependent on anybody. And it gives me tremendous satisfaction when you are cooking and feeding your family and friends!

Indeed an Important Circle! BRAVO!!!

P.S – (However, still I’m struggling with Consistency)



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