That Nightingale!

Night SKy
Night SKy

Standing out in Balcony Stella was gazing not so clear Sky, A nightingale  distracted her bewitching sight and sat on nearby pole with distress she said, “Oh You! Again, Why? You always come when I’m out in balcony.

Nightingale (replied patiently) – Why you are always out this time then?

Stella – I like this sky, full of stars as if hope twinkling in its every corner.  Love this breeze as if I’m listening some soulful music. This peace, as no one ever existed here. I feel huge comfort, as if I’m soaring high in the poetry of my dreams.

But why you visit daily, Crazy bird?

Nightingale – Because I like you in this form here.

Stella- Wow! Now even birds are my admirers.

Nightingale: You may say that, but I’m the cause the way you feel this time. When you just take that flight from one state of mind to another as you blink you’re eyes.

Stella- Fly away Silly!

(Suddenly, a phone distracted her, after a minute as the call and she look back towards the pole, but no bird was there, she might be dreaming or just was talking to her own Solitude, Is it??)


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