That scene after the storm

That evening when the storm colluded with hulking rain, it left the creatures sobbing with the sheer pain. Tender shrubs moaned and creepers didn’t turn up. Cuckoo grumbled in disguise and pigeons were out of sight. Chameleon camouflaged to red forever and trees didn’t complain about it.


Leaves wrinkled and flowers faded, Oh! Whose fault was this? Asked the peacock from its own heart. It sat quietly over the branch of a tree, gazing the grey sky. Storm paced down and rain disappeared. It stretched its plume in anguish; few of its feathers fell in ground. Peacock saw those feathers and tear rolled out of its eyes. At that moment, it was thinking about all those companions of nature who disappeared in this tragic storm. (Might be those feathers will be parting gift to all of its forgotten friends).

Before making a final flight towards the next destination it just look back to see “that scene after the storm”, then it soared and soared.


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