Learned a wonderful lesson of compassion today!

I was cooking in the kitchen stretched up my arm to take oil from cupboard and a lizard was resting inside its door, I screamed as most of us do, that creature swiftly moved from the shelf and hide beneath the kitchen platform, I was not that happy with that, You know how eerie we feel with lizards, I made it to move from that place also. Poor squamate reptile followed the order and found solace below the Kitchen Sink. I was busy cooking with little an eye on it and stubborn it was there, again after sometime I saw and it was still there no movement at all. After 45 minute or so I saw again. It was there, but my conscious awakened and I just thought what I was doing frightened with such a small creature and might be that creature must be feeling same that’s why it is not moving…(Oh I even thought has it died) However I felt actually bad. I guess they have emotions too. Now after chameleons I like Lizards too (Are you sure, we will see next time).  LOL 😀

(P.S. Dinner was good :-P)


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