Game of Blind Fold


Master told we will play the game of blind fold

I agreed

But he changed the rule

He blind folded me and asked me to find ‘JOY’

I started searching it in gossips but found malice

I followed the voice of forged laughter, but found humiliation

I was tired, I just sat down, felt a shuddering hold


I accompanied the desolation of old age

‘Joy’ just overflowed

In gratitude!

Master was happy, but now he wanted me to find “BEAUTY”

My pursuit started, I knocked the doors of envy

Started quenching it in the delicacies

My sense of touch was deliberately and it took me towards the river

I looked down but I couldn’t see the reflection

Just left with a feeling, ‘of thy being….Beauty of Life!

Master was overwhelmed

He asked me to play one another time

He again changed the rule; he said I can unfold my eyes

He told me to find ‘HIM’

He counted one to five. I opened my eyes

I searched, in every range of my sight, but I couldn’t find him

I was bloated with fear

I screamed

I sighed

Closed my eyes and…. just saw ‘HIM’


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