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Up and Down

Merry go round

Beyond the Dusk

Beyond the Dawn

Among the Sounds

Among the Noise

Clutching Smoke

Grasping Dew

Bewitched by the Light

Whispering with the Cuckoo

Amazed with Darkness

Singing with the Nightingale

Silent with the Clouds

Resting in the Rain

Smelling the Mud

Kissing the Zephyr

Embracing the Fire

Kicking the Volcanoes

Pushing the Tornadoes

Sighing in Crowds

Smiling in Solitude

Waving Off Loneliness

Waving Off Past

Kindling Affection

Rejuvenating with Rhythm

Breathing in Moments

Romancing with Time

In this stage of Present

Dancing in the tune called Life…

It’s Rendezvous, within me, with myself!


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