Eclipse of Life

Perhaps it is the circumstance which eclipses life but someone being strong has to pass this phase because eclipse is never whole or meant to be for large period. Compassion should flow from all direction. The stronger needs to give more test, like diamonds which is carved, shaped. And that is used to shape glasses too. But why eclipses are never blamed… why only the affected ones are blamed? When I ask these question to my inner-self, only one thing comes to my mind that somewhere, someone above is watching all this and sometimes you need to trust him. Wait. For the time to pass may be it has hidden secrets. We need to value life. And if we are valuing life than we should think about what to worries for blames? Because, I guess sometimes life is bigger even than blames. And we need to concentrate on bigger pictures, rather than smaller.

Our lives may not be that perfect, and I guess it’s neither can be one, but should not look for perfection we just look for contentment.


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