Confession of a Poet to her Book :-)

I used to live in that old book shop, somewhere in broken shelf with other heaps of my companions..I was old however less older than my present age. That shop haven’t seen much visitors and whosoever came never took interest on me, might be because of my clumsy face. But that day I saw a tomboy who looked intelligent, she was curious and her enthusiasm depicted as she want to purchase whole book store. Well I thought that young reader will not show any interest on me like others. But surprisingly, she removed others from my back and quickly picked me up. She took few more of my companion, we all were happy that we will find a better place, she took us too her hostel kept us safe in her wardrobe just one shelf below her clothes. Next day we all were waiting as she will select whom among us, and again to my mere surprise she chose me, but she just glanced preface and shut back my hardbound cover..oh that was rude! But living with her some more time I realised that she was neither good in reading books nor in reading people. I was safe in her wardrobe, daily she used to glance us and select others, but not me. She left her hostel and that town moved to some other place where she belonged, fortunately she took us with her. But she never looked me again my other companion was distributed, and few lost there existence, but I was alive, living in clean bookshelf, it was almost 7 years I never saw her..but one day her delicate hands touched my face again she took me from that shelf and saw me with sheer affection that girl was now a woman and perhaps a poetess. With deep relief in her breathe I understood she was searching for me. Now, she reads me daily after all ” I’m a treasury of Poetry” she understands my insight. I’m the just another last thing which she sees at night! (after her phone) God bless her, and I guess by now she could even read people’s mind!😝

(P.S I’m sorry my dear book)


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