We all need a laughter

Image Source: PIXABAY
Image Source: PIXABAY

Grandpa! Why you have to go daily, what about my bed-time story, no-body is there to tell me that?

“I have to go my boy; it’s my job”

What you do?

Laughter! “I laugh and make the other people laugh.”

You laugh its Okay Grandpa, but why you make other people laugh? Can’t they laugh themselves?

See Son, its circus where people come for entertainment away from their usual life. To forget their pain, worries. To get some time together with their family.

Strange! Grandpa, I couldn’t understand first they can’t laugh themselves and then they go outside with their family, when they are already together in home. It’s all confusing. See you’re going, living me here alone. Moreover, you have pain in your legs but still you will laugh and make other people laugh.

“Son! You got it right. But you know what?

We all need a laughter, so either we can go to a circus or forget our pain and be a Joker”

Grandpa “I will love to be a Joker when I will become older”

“But what about my bed time story now?”

Honey, “you have just listened that!”


2 thoughts on “We all need a laughter

  1. Miss Ruchi Singh you apty stated..how important is to touch small gestures of warmth ..of togetherness. Being jester unconditionally for everyone around ….to bring zest in their lives which somehow becomes dormant…
    So good luck jester !

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