Alpha..Let’s Begin Again :-)

Let’s begin
As the Dew
Kisses the lotus leaf
And moon waits for the sun to say adieu.
In the early morning
When darkness fly away softly
And reflection of my dreams, glowing in the stream of affections.
A clear reality
Like alpha! Let’s begin again..



Night by Night
My dreams
Float in air
Asking me one question
Do we exist?
I only say
Yes you do exist
Indeed you’re the brightness
Of my dim capabilities.
Let the beam of possibility fall
I’m sure you would dance
A Rainbow
In the sky of optimism

Oh Buddy! Solitude

Solitude is Buddy, Indeed bestie one can have. But before understanding its worth one needs to be lonely, it’s a sequence where shadow of loneliness comes first, followed by illuminous solitude. That departing shadow gives us intensity to accumulate our thoughts, strength to deal with our fear and hold on our finest memories. It teaches us to let go stuffs which aren’t important for us. Indeed bid adieu to trash.

Get enliven in the halo of solitude, get evolved and introduce yourselves with your better versions! 🙂