Thou Art of Life

Thou Art of Life.
You rise, you fall, you rise again
Thou art of life is stubborn.
You weep, you smile, you laugh again
Thou art of life is perpetual.
You make mistakes, learn or regret
Thou art of life is forgiving
You believe, trust or doubt
Thou art of life is lucid
You fly, crawl, stand or faint
Thou art of life is candour
Just pursue, feel and live this art unjudged,
With each moment up to eternity…




Sometimes I fight with wit

Play with Afflictions

Look up the sky for an answer

Sometimes I take unusual path

Jammed on crossroads

Look up the sky for an answer

But sometimes you know what?

I too have answers.


Love Thyself

“Move the curtain of Darkness, it will reveal the hope”


One night I couldn’t sleep at all, I was awake whole night, pondering one question what I’m doing with my life, where to go, thinking about my broken dreams, thinking of my childhood, thinking about my parents, thinking of my losses, my health and many things then I slept in the morning. Another night same thing happened but that night I didn’t slept in the morning, I got up from the bed tied my shoe laces and went for a morning walk and just saw the Sunrise. Next night I realized that I was searching nothing but myself. (You know that night just inner voice asked me just one question “What are you doing to yourself” simple I got the answer it’s only me for what I was looking)

And I tell you the moment I found myself; I’m content from that particular moment. I’m writing here today because I see lot of people who are searching some or the other thing. So, I just wanna tell you… It’s just you what you need next all things will fall in place. Everybody’s life is unique no comparison can be drawn. It’s good to have dreams and wishes but limit that to you, I agree expectation couldn’t be zeroed but it could be balanced. Love thyself, that’s the secret.

Hope and Faith

Let me drift the curtain from the window, and oh! Sunshine just enter into my space. But let me tell you don’t come alone, come along with those beacons of hope, which I search in your realm! Can you do that?

Yeah! I here you call, but do also listen what your heart says! Chaos around you has muted it’s voice…Believe in your heart..have faith.! Hope is immortal, as my rays..even the shadow of night never let me down, I wait for my turn and re-appear again! Drift the curtain of your heart, just empower you faith and you would never need other curtains to be drifted…:-)

Sheer Optimism

Flowers by Andy Warhol

Pursuits never end..don’t chase anything and even if we do..let’s not called it a “chase” let’s replace it with “pattern” the pattern of life which we are weaving and and it’s Contentment perhaps which we are aiming..And that doesn’t comes handy, our vision must be sparked with the beam of optimism, in such way that we don’t feel darkness or despair even for a single fraction of second..Let’s remember, contentment is “horizon” where dreams meet realization…And every time we are not require to reach out for Horizon. Lets try to feel it!