What is bliss?
I have learned this from a dying butterfly
Not from an alive, crawling caterpillar!




You know what buddy, sometimes we just walk out from our asylums to the cross road. Where one is the easiest, reaching to our destination directly, another is the one which we walk through but then come back and select the easy one. And last one is the longest. Today I took the longest one, that which has beautiful tress but then where we need to stop frequently, to give way to others… I walked through that route without looking back, without distracting with the fancies on each sides…I didn’t even stopped to look for those stuffs which I actually liked. I crossed the road moved quickly through the subway reached to that destination. I didn’t even Dreamed in between…You know what buddy….I was normal… which I don’t wanted to be, but what to do I was Coming Home!


They say it’s bewilderment
You won’t understand
They say it’s chaos of noise
You won’t be able to hear any thing
Its Mirage, you would be lost
Its jigsaws you won’t be getting any fragment
Who is searching anything
When everything is within me
The spark of reason
The illumination of my self
The voice of my soul
I’m beyond lost
I’m eternity

BlSS :-)

A dew
Asked in despair
Could you heal this time?
Night said – Just close you’re eyes
Wait for the sunshine
In its embracement
You would discover the sheen
Every moment will be bliss. 🙂 

Love Thyself

“Move the curtain of Darkness, it will reveal the hope”


One night I couldn’t sleep at all, I was awake whole night, pondering one question what I’m doing with my life, where to go, thinking about my broken dreams, thinking of my childhood, thinking about my parents, thinking of my losses, my health and many things then I slept in the morning. Another night same thing happened but that night I didn’t slept in the morning, I got up from the bed tied my shoe laces and went for a morning walk and just saw the Sunrise. Next night I realized that I was searching nothing but myself. (You know that night just inner voice asked me just one question “What are you doing to yourself” simple I got the answer it’s only me for what I was looking)

And I tell you the moment I found myself; I’m content from that particular moment. I’m writing here today because I see lot of people who are searching some or the other thing. So, I just wanna tell you… It’s just you what you need next all things will fall in place. Everybody’s life is unique no comparison can be drawn. It’s good to have dreams and wishes but limit that to you, I agree expectation couldn’t be zeroed but it could be balanced. Love thyself, that’s the secret.

Raven of Night :-)

Raven of night
Switched on the darkness’
It left the message on echo
Dear, strangers of shadows
Embrace the black but make room for white
So that, admist of light
Your dreams can’t complaint.

When the Raven of night
Switched on the darkness
Melancholy shined
It dimmed it’s voice
And said
Hear the vacuum of your butt
Let the hope awake
You’re too young for contentment
So make a wish and strive.

(Dear Raven of night
Who said your dark
Let me say you’re pure